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ALIA launches Australia’s first Virtual Trade Show

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

On September 4th and 5th 2015, ALIA will launch Virtual Lighting Australia, the Asia Pacific region’s first ever virtual trade show. Following the demise of the entertainment technology industry’s premier national trade show, the new ALIA committee have decided to fill the gaping need for a new lighting technology show.

Pre-registered visitors and all financial ALIA members will be able to pick-up their ID badges from the virtual entrance and wander through the range of virtual show booths from such international players as Phillips, Strand Electric, Hamilton Baker, ECT, NA, Harmon’s Marten Professional, Osrem’s Clay Paki, PRC, Burko’s High End Systems, Bytecraft, Rasco, CCT, Barton, and many more. The list is growing daily.

The ground-breaking VRML 3.0 technology to be used for the virtual trade show is based on the open source GreenPomegranate on Python platform, a Source Forge project.

Virtual Lighting Australia:


Brightgreen launches a range of Tru-Colour LED hats — be seen in the best light all of the time!

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Melbourne-based premium LED company Brightgreen introduces the world’s first range of appearance enhancing TruColour headwear.

Available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any occasion, each hat features an arrangement of the world’s smallest Tru-Colour LEDs pointed directly onto the wearer’s face.

Combining the latest in fashion with the most flattering light on the market, the launch marks a new era in wearable technology.

Why wear a hat that has lights on it?
The Tru-Colour headwear range is the result of an outcry from fashion-forward Brightgreen customers who were so pleased with the way Tru-Colour LEDs complemented their appearance at home, they demanded a product that allowed them to take Tru-Colour light with them everywhere they go.

Tru-Colour LEDs are tested to illuminate 14 key colours on the visible spectrum to make up white light, compared to the industry standard (Colour Rendering Index) — that only measures colour values R1-R8 on the chart below:

By illuminating 6 extra colours (R9-R14), particularly the vibrant R9 red, Tru-Colour lights are scientifically proven to improve the appearance of skin tones and make interior colours look more vibrant and lifelike. Brightgreen CEO, David O’Driscoll maintains that the Tru-Colour range does not indicate an intention to transition fully into the wearable LED market.

“We saw a demand in the market and we responded to it. Although we have high hopes for the Tru-Colour headwear range, we remain first and foremost committed to improving architectural environments with superior lighting.”

“The response to our limited release within the fashion industry has been incredible. We are in talks with some major retailers at the moment, and hope to expand the range even further in the next few months.”

Each hat comes with an easy to change long-life battery, and thanks to the trademark quality and efficiency of Brightgreen LEDs, they only need to be recharged once a week (with average use of 8hrs per day).

To see the difference Tru-Colour hats have already made in numerous lives, watch the Brightgreen launch video here:

For more information about Tru-Colour and how it can enhance the appearance of your home and the people in it, visit:


Creative Productions go Full Boar 4

Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Creative Productions are a full-service production company nestled into the heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast, with expertise in lighting, audio, staging and mobile stages. Their lighting inventory and operators can be found working across the spectrum of gigs, from conferences and seminars through to full-blown rock ‘n ‘roll. They have chosen the High End Systems Hog family as one the mainstays of their lighting control arsenal, and recently added another Full Boar 4, DP-8000 DMX processor and Wings to a whole family of Hogs.

“We’re using our Full Boar 4 on everything from corporate functions right through to touring festivals,” said Leigh. “Any gig we can put it on, we do. We’re using it for vision, too. Next week we’re linking two Full Boars together, one to act as a tracking back-up while allowing for multiple users. We’ll also be using it to trigger vision from media servers.”

The Full Boar 4 packs all the power of the bigger Hog 4 into a smaller package. Though already big enough for the most demanding gigs, it can be expanded with Wholehog wings and two external touchscreens via its five USB ports, ready to control on four fixed universes of DMX 512 and up to 12 universes of DMX 512 over ArtNet or sACN. Two 15” 10-point multi-touch screens, five encoders, 12 LCD User Keys, ten motorised faders plus a motorised grand master and a trackball make the user interface a pleasure to drive.

But it’s not just the ergonomics that Leigh rates highly. “We really like the ability to get fixture libraries whipped up quickly. If anything crazy, new or unfamiliar pops up, we can get the libraries sorted in-house, get the show running, and even email the show files to interchange between our other High End Systems consoles. That’s why they’re our workhorses, our go-to consoles. They’re reliable, we know them backwards, and on the rare occasions we’re not using them, convention centres and other production companies are hiring them from us.”

Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair has contributed greatly to Leigh’s confidence in his Hog fleet. “Lexair have been superb,” praised Leigh “From buying our first console through every subsequent purchase, Lexair have been honest, looked after us and backed us up. Their service is fantastic.”


TDC Announces Partnership with National Institute of Dramatic Art

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2015

Technical Direction Company announces a pioneering partnership with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), which will see TDC provide invaluable expertise, guidance, and support to the next generation of Australia’s artists, technical theatre designers, and practitioners.

Through this partnership, TDC will give NIDA students access to expert training and the latest cutting-edge stage and live performance technology including LED screens, large-scale projections, videos, and broadcast camera systems.

Michael Hassett, managing director, TDC, said: “As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of video technology solutions the company is honored to partner with NIDA and looks forward to working with the staff and students to provide technical knowledge and industry-readiness.”

The collaboration will see TDC provide specialist consultation and support on video technology, specifically the latest advances in projection, media servers, and LED technology and its dynamic use in live entertainment to NIDA for teaching and production purposes, as well as technical support for NIDA student productions.

“We believe our investment in NIDA will achieve this and more as the students graduate and become the next generation of creative leaders in Australia and abroad.”

Graham Henstock, head of technical theatre and stage management at NIDA, believes the collaboration with TDC will help students in their career development by providing access to expert practitioners as well as hands-on experience with the best technology in the business. “In supplying assistance across classwork, assessable projects and NIDA’s full-scale student productions, TDC is giving students the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, experiment with high performance equipment and, importantly, gain vital industry experience.”

This year marks the first year of the partnership, which promotes the creative potential of advanced technology in the performance space.

Established in 1981, TDC’s expertise is in providing video technology solutions for major TV shows, theatre, corporate events, concert touring, exhibitions and outdoor events. Holding one of the largest stocks of high-end video equipment including LED, projection, displays and HD camera systems, TDC is the preferred provider of technical solutions for the top designers, producers, and production companies across the Asia Pacific region.


High End System Announces Two Year Warranty on New LED Products

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2015

To further highlight product confidence and improve customer support, automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems announced today that all new LED products shipping from the company will include a two-year factory warranty.

High End Systems products that qualify for the extended warranty period are the revolutionary SHAPESHIFTER series; SolaSpot Pro CMY, Solawash 19 and Solawash 37, as well as the new SolaSpot Pro 1500.

This new move guarantees that High End Systems products are the most trusted and robust lighting instruments available in the industry, and that customers can purchase these products with the confidence that their investment in the latest technology is secure.

Customers who have already purchased the above mentioned products will also be entitled to this increased warranty period (valid from date of purchase).

High End Systems Director of Product Management Chris Ferrante commented, “As we continue to lead the industry with the brightest and most efficient LED products, it was only natural for us to offer our customers increased warranty support. This is another exciting step in the LED journey here at High End Systems, and is certainly not the last! LED really is rising.”
Australian Distributor: Lexair


ALIA On-Line Forums close after 12 fun years

Posted on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Once a thriving lively marketplace for discussions, enquiries, mentoring, trolling and bad technical humour, the ALIA On-Line Forums have been closed. In the days before the arrival of interactive social media, forums such as ALIA’s bulletin board provided an important place for information exchange and social interaction.

When the ALIA On-Line Forums went live in May 2003 they were heavily used, with dozens of postings per day on subjects as diverse as where to get a feed after a bump-out or which replacement lamp worked better in a patt 263/264.

Recently the number of postings have averaged less than one per month, which hardly justifies the administrative load of dealing with spambot registrations and attempted break-ins. So, as part of the revamp of ALIA’s online presence, we’ve decided to close down this now-outmoded discussion platform.

For many years it was an exciting place to hang out.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Forums Admin.


Skills, Gaps and Training Survey

Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2015

CX has commissioned a wide ranging survey, which will shape industry expectations of minimum skill-sets for entry level workers. Does the vocational training industry contribute effectively? Please take this survey, HERE and CX will share the outcomes in the April edition of CX Magazine.


MA Lighting the only brand for Eclipse

Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Canberra-based Eclipse Lighting & Sound has been steadily growing its’ lighting inventory and spreading its’ wings far beyond the ACT, and an important part of that growth has been a bevy of MA Lighting consoles.

It all started with a grandMA1 ultra-light in 2007 which was soon joined by a NSP and today there is also a grandMA2 light, MA onPC fader wing, and a MA onPC command wing. The MA platform has proved so popular at Eclipse, several of managing director Chris Neal’s staff have purchased their own MA gear: Liam Ashton and Andrew Snell both own their own MA onPC command wings, James Duqemin owns a MA onPC command wing as well as a MA onPC fader wing.  Two more staff purchased consoles: Phil Goodwin purchased a grandMA2 light and Adrian Rytir, much to everyones jealousy, owns a grandMA2 full size console.

“I purchased the grandMA1 ultra-light years ago because I needed a console with a high channel count, or what was considered a high channel count then, and with the MA NSP I could get even more,” explained Chris Neal. “It proved to be a really good, stable platform and at the time we were purchasing quite a few LED fixtures so it was great for pixel mapping. The more I used it, the more I liked it. In fact I completely fell in love with the platform as it’s so easy and so usable. Plus the small size is great, you can simply carry it in, plug it in and get up and running quickly.”

Moving forward a few years and it was patently obvious that some grandMA2 control was required for Eclipse, and so a MA2 onPC programming wing was purchased that impressed everyone.

“It had a lot of powerful new features especially the move in black feature which is great for us as we do a lot of musicals,” commented Chris. “The effects engine is a lot more powerful too and allows us to control a lot more parametres such as when to start and stop, what fades and what snaps. That opened up a lot more possibilities in our programming as the grandMA1 only allowed us to do global fades.”

With the amount of channel and universe counts required steadily increasing, Chris then purchased a grandMA2 light, and a second programming wing and an onPC fader wing to keep up with industry demand. He further comments that he loves the flexibility of his MA range of control and he has no intention of looking at any other replacement product.

“Every operator who has worked for me has set them up in their own way and operated them in their own fashion,” added Chris. “One person’s programming on one console is almost always absolutely different to someone elses. Having the one platform across everybody is really beneficial because everybody learns their own things when they’re out doing shows, and then brings it back to a common knowledge pool. It really builds the strength of everybodies operating skills.

“I still think grandMA1 is a fantastic product but grandMA2 offers a whole lot more flexibility …… and it’s a sexy black colour!”


Robe Announces New Expansion Plans for 2015

Posted on Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Robe Lighting announces 2014 as the best year in the company’s history, together with comprehensive expansion plans for its HQ and production operation in the Czech Republic, which is ramping up again in response to demand for Robe’s products worldwide.

This is part related to the company’s planned medium-term expansion strategy and also in response to the huge success of the new BMFL range of moving lights – the first of which was launched in September 2014, plus the continued demand for other popular moving light fixtures like the Pointe and the LEDWash series.

Robe has recently completed the acquisition of nearly 8000 square metres of land including four large buildings immediately next door to its current main factory premises in Valašské Meziříčí. Robe, which first moved to this facility in 2002, has gradually been buying up other commercial premises along the street, and with this latest purchase, now owns the three largest units on the block!

Work has recently been completed on a brand new building at the main factory site which has created an enlarged Technical Centre, a host of new meeting, board and conference rooms and a gleaming new contemporary designed staff canteen.

Refurbishment work on of the four buildings at the newest site has already commenced, and Robe’s sister company, architectural and commercial LED lighting manufacturer Anolis is scheduled to move there in the spring. This will give Anolis a much larger factory and administration space and further streamline the production of Anolis fixtures.

Meanwhile, in the nearby town of Roznov, Robe’s PCB manufacturing division Dioflex is taking over the area in their building that will be vacated by Anolis. Dioflex is investing in a series of new PCB CNC populating machines which are also being installed to keep up the volume and pace of production

Robe celebrated 20 years since its foundation in 2014.

Says CEO & General manager Josef Valchar, “It’s a remarkable achievement to reach 20 years and I am very proud of the company and the many creative, talented and dedicated individuals who have worked so hard to help get us to where we are today, and among the market leaders in our specialist field of lighting.

“Of course to share our best ever year with that anniversary is just amazing, and it’s a tribute to the great teamwork that is making Robe really rock!”

In addition to the record profits, Robe also opened two new wholly-owned subsidiary operations in 2014 in the Middle East and Singapore (Asia Pacific), and the latest one in France was inaugurated in January 2015.

Robe is looking forward to another action-packed year of business and innovation.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group


Mandylights and Licorice Productions Merge

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Mandylights and Licorice Productions are pleased to announce a merger which will create Australia’s foremost dedicated production design and management house. Continuing to trade as Mandylights Pty. Ltd., the company will combine Mandylights’ internationally recognised creative design credentials with Licorice’s reputation for outstanding large scale production management and bespoke staging builds.

The company’s new board of directors sees Mandylights owners Daniel Mercer and Richard Neville joined by Licorice directors Matt Ryan and Tim O’Neill in what is almost a formality for the four – considering that they have worked, volunteered with and supported each other together since their humble beginnings at a local theatre in Sydney’s Hills District some twenty years ago. A full time staff of around fourteen will work across production management, lighting, video and staging design in addition to lighting and staging construction and operation.

Mandylights will continue to offer both creative and production services to all areas of the entertainment industry from a new two thousand square metre premises in Leichhardt, ten minutes from the Sydney CBD. Together, the new larger, well resourced team and state-of-the-art offices will allow the company to better service both local and international clients. “With both design and production being managed under one roof, we will be able to maintain an unprecedented level of creative integrity throughout the production process.” commented Matt Ryan, with Richard Neville adding that “our capacity for creative development will be unmatched – our international team in addition to our leading production pre-visualisation and bespoke design ethos all add up to an unequalled offering of world class services.”

Some nine years ago, Mandylights successfully foresaw the current international trend that saw many freelance designers of all disciplines begin to work together in new alliances and companies. Now, the company’s growth into scenic and staging production and design takes this idea one step further, with Tim noting that “Mandylights will be able to not only build but also prototype new integrated lighting, video and staging elements in house, like no other local company.”

With three production managers and technical directors also in house, the company’s capacity to deliver large-scale management services has also increased.

After construction finishes and everyone moves in together in the coming weeks, the new-look, bigger and bolder Mandylights will be better positioned than ever to continue delivering world-class creative and production for any kind of event, anywhere on earth.


ENTECH cancelled

Posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2015

ENTECH has been cancelled by ETF and the name and visitor database sold back to ENTECH founder, Julius Grafton.

The deal will see the CX Summer Roadshow renamed ‘CX Presents ENTECH Roadshow’, and run to the standard February timetable. The Roadshow will grow slightly but the format will remain the same.

CX Network does not intend to run ENTECH as a multi-day, single city trade show. The show should now be removed from event calendars.

CX Network have also launched a new Roadshow aimed at the Information and Communications Technology market. ICTech Roadshow will feature networking and integration technologies such as audio visual, control, presentation and collaboration systems for corporate installation, education, institutions and public spaces. ICTech director is Jason Allen, who joins the event as an equity partner. It will run in October 2016, making three Roadshows from CX network:

•    ENTECH in February (fifth time for CX)
•    Sec-Tech (Security Technology) in May (2nd time)
•    ICTech in October 2016 (new)

ETF will make a formal announcement shortly.


One 20 Productions expand with Vipers and Sharpys

Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2015

Perth’s One 20 Productions have added some serious firepower to their lighting arsenal with the addition of eight Martin MAC Vipers and twelve Clay Paky Sharpys.

“We purchased the Vipers knowing there weren’t that many in Perth and that they would be a highly specified light,” revealed Damian John, managing director of One 20 Productions. “While not many of our shows are spec-driven, we knew there would be a sub-hire demand for them. Also, as our shows are getting bigger in size, we knew we’d need a larger fixture to supplement our MAC700 fixtures.”

With One 20 Productions’ MAC700 out working nearly every weekend it was time to add more Martin fixtures and the Vipers were the ideal solution.

“We have a strong brand loyalty to Martin and company loyalty to Show Technology,” said Damian. “We also looked at a Vari-lite fixture but the support we get from Show Technology really got us across the line.”

The Vipers have been busy since arriving in the warehouse a few months ago and Damian reports that they swiftly became a hire favourite and that his guys love their speed, brightness and reliability.

In addition to the Vipers, One 20 Productions took delivery of twelve Clay Paky Sharpys just before Christmas.

“They are without doubt, the best fixture in our inventory!” Damian declared. “They go out every weekend without fail. They’re simply fantastic fixtures; people love them, we love them.”

Photographed is NYE on the Foreshore which included all Vipers and Sharpys as well as MAC Auras, Pro Shop Quad 18’s, Atomic Strobes, JEM ZR44 smoke machines, a Look Solutions Unique hazer and MA Lighting MA2 for control.


Melbourne’s Technical Events in control with Road Hog 4

Posted on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Technical Events are a full-service events and audio visual production company based in inner-city Melbourne. Their roster of clients across the corporate, entertainment and media worlds sees them providing lighting, audio, vision, staging, rigging and drapes to everything from major product launches to intimate VIP gatherings. Working in venues ranging in size from Olympic size ice skating rinks down to hotel meeting rooms, Technical Events needed a lighting control system that was compact enough for the small gigs, but powerful enough for the big shows. That’s why they’ve invested in a High End Systems Road Hog 4.

When it came time for a new console, Technical Events managing director Scott Dickson consulted his regular crew of lighting operators about what kind of functionality and operating system they’d prefer. The Hog family are industry workhorses, widely accepted by lampies across the board. “The Hogs are easy to use and most operators know them,” agreed Scott. “It makes it easy to find someone to run a show, even at our busiest times. I also like that it’s an all-in-one solution; it’s one bit of hardware, and the price point is attractive!”

Technical Events’ Road Hog 4 has now been out on shows for three months. It’s typically deployed to control 20 to 30 LED fixtures, a dozen movers and some utility lights, usually over wireless DMX. “It’s perfect for the size of gigs we’re doing,” Scott continued, “and the compact footprint is good for the small venues we sometimes work in.” Despite its size, the Road Hog 4 still manages to pack in plenty of control, with a 22”10-point multi-touch touchscreen, four encoders, ten playback faders and 12 user keys.

Scott’s also looking to the future to expand the lighting services Technical Events can offer. “The Road Hog 4 will have some powerful capabilities, like pixel mapping. That gives us a new product to sell to clients now we’ve got it.” As the Hog family continues to develop along with its clients, Australian distributor Lexair will be there to support users in the field. “Lexair’s Alex Mair is great to deal with,” Scott reported. “He lent us a console to play with before we bought it, he gets back to us quickly, and he’s helped us out with some fixture libraries.”
Australian distributor: Lexair


Light Tonight launched on You Tube – new video magazine for pro lighting industry

Posted on Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Light Tonight launched this month on YouTube as a video news magazine for the English speaking professional lighting industry worldwide. The show runs less than 30 minutes, is fast paced and loaded with news, reviews, interviews, techniques and equipment.

Produced by CX Network, the show caps 25 years industry publishing experience for the network which until now has produced publications and internet TV in Australia.

‘When we started CX-TV in 2010, YouTube had a seven minute clip limit and was standard definition’, CX chief Julius Grafton said.

CX Network established several successful internet TV shows, including Gearbox, CXtra and most recently The Hump. They have been broadly viewed on the website and are specific to the Australian market, whereas Light-Tonight is intentionally global.

A team of presenters from around the world host the well resourced show. It is directed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation veteran Chrissie McIntyre, with content producer Cat Strom drawing on ‘the best contact book in the industry’.

Reaction has been favourable. CX showed the pilot to a group of industry professionals.

“Looks great. Very informative on many things. I like it”, said LeRoy Bennett, lighting designer.

Mac Mosier commented: “Good for you working on this, looks really good. Look forward to seeing more.”

“The content and the overall approach is great. Graphics are all very pro and the whole thing looks good. What a welcome addition this is for our industry. Bravo”, concluded Patrick Woodroffe, OBE.

Light Tonight is free to view, at the CX Network channel on YouTube.

Light Tonight launched January 12 on YouTube as a video news magazine for the English speaking professional lighting industry worldwide. The show runs less than 30 minutes, is fast paced and loaded with news, reviews, interviews, techniques and equipment.
Produced by CX Network, the show caps 25 years industry publishing experience for the network which until now has produced publications and internet TV in Australia.
‘When we started CX-TV in 2010, YouTube had a seven minute clip limit and was standard definition’, CX chief Julius Grafton said.
CX Network established several successful internet TV shows, including Gearbox, CXtra and most recently The Hump. They have been broadly viewed on the website and are specific to the Australian market, whereas Light-Tonight is intentionally global.
A team of presenters from around the world host the well resourced show. It is directed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation veteran Chrissie McIntyre, with content producer Cat Strom drawing on ‘the best contact book in the industry’.
Reaction has been favourable. CX showed the pilot to a group of industry professionals.
“Looks great. Very informative on many things. I like it”, said LeRoy Bennett, lighting designer
Mac Mosier commented: “Good for you working on this, looks really good. Look forward to seeing more.”
“The content and the overall approach is great. Graphics are all very pro and the whole thing looks good. What a welcome addition this is for our industry. Bravo”, concluded Patrick Woodroffe, OBE.
Light Tonight is free to view, at the CX Network channel on YouTube.

2 years interest free if you buy a Hog 4 console!

Posted on Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Save your Piggybank!

Buy any Hog 4 family lighting console before 31st March 2015 on a 24 month finance contract and pay 0% interest.


Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K10’s for Phaseshift

Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Ten weeks ago Phaseshift Productions took delivery of eight Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K10 and since then they have not stopped working.

“We started to see them appearing on specs and so thought we’d better get a demo,” said Johnny Bamford, Production Manager at Phaseshift. “Show Technology’s Keith Bradshaw demonstrated a couple and we really liked them. We saw the possibilities they offer and realized they would be a valuable purchase.”

Johnny has discovered that the B-EYE is a very versatile light or as he describes it ‘a good wash light with party tricks as well’!

The first production for the B-EYE was a six week Australian tour with English comedian Bill Bailey. The show was designed by Alex Saad after a brief from the UK. The B-EYEs were used as the main overhead wash light whenever Bill Bailey was talking however when Bill switched to song mode, the B-EYEs revealed their party tricks.

“The B-EYEs never missed a beat for the whole duration from Darwin to Tasmania and everywhere in between,” added Johnny.


Federation Square upgrades to Pro Shop LED Flood EX36

Posted on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Melbourne’s famous Federation Square has been given a new lease of life thanks to Pro Shop LED Flood EX36 fixtures.

Corporate Vision Australia, who have the contract to supply the venue lighting, purchased eight of the Pro Shop LED Flood EX36 fixtures to replace the aging Studio Due CityColors.

“I love the EX36’s,” commented Daniel Saveski, senior technician at CVA. “They were my favourite choice to replace the CityColors as they are extremely bright, compact and very versatile. The wide lens is fantastic – as shown in the picture where I used only four EX36 to wash that entire building!”

With a massive 288 watts of RGBW LED power housed in a neat IP rated fixture, the EX36 is becoming an extremely sought after product. With a strong and sturdy base, colossal output and IP type connectors this Flood fixture is perfect for lighting gardens, hotel facades, buildings, walls, nightclubs and almost any other location where massive output is required.

“The only issue I had was that the EX36 are quite light in weight which is great for handling but not very compatible with this public space,” said Daniel. For OH&S reasons, Fed Square didn’t want truss across the site, so we designed some custom pods which make them secure from ‘walking away’ and low to the ground. They are not a permanent install as they are so handy for all other applications around the site.

“Due to the wide lenses attached they make a great wash light, eye candy and a strobe. I have used these fixtures for many different shows from live TV, theatre, outdoor festivals and much more.  Simon Barrett and Keith Bradshaw from Show Technology have, as always, been outstanding with the technical support.”


Mythos land at Crystal Productions

Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

David Thomas, managing director of Crystal Productions, is probably one of the most excited people in our industry right now. What’s got him so thrilled? Crystal Productions are the first Australian production company to add Clay Paky Mythos hybrid lights to their inventory.

“I am incredibly excited to have eight Mythos fixtures,” David declared. “I first saw them at the Show Technology launch last year and immediately I knew they would fill a void in my inventory. They are an amazing fixture which instantly fitted into our current market place. In the corporate and festival environment, it’s the perfect all-rounder light. It’s the ideal versatile light for a versatile production company.”

The Mythos light beam is sharp, with perfectly defined edges, from the first millimetres after the front lens right along its entire length.

“They have an incredible light output and it’s unreal how that is achieved from an efficient 470 watt lamp source,” commented David. “The optics are amazing and the 4° to 50° zoom range is phenomenal.”

The zoom is optimized for focusing, which is separate from that of the fixed and rotating gobos. Its movements are smooth, fast and very quiet.

Mythos features a completely redesigned indexed visual effect disc, which may be superimposed on all the gobos, both in and out of focus.

“The gobos and the gobo choice on the Mythos are amazing,” said David. “They’re fresh and combined with the animation wheel, you can do some really nice things with them.”

The first event that was lucky enough to utilise the Mythos fixtures was Carols on Norton in Leichhardt, Sydney (pictured) where they were arranged in a semi-circle arc at the rear of the stage. From there they created amazing aerial effects as well as back light for the stage roof. By using the Mythos in this manner, a fairly small stage was made to look substantially larger.

“There’s minimal power at that venue so the efficiency of those lamps was integral to being able to produce such an effect,” added David. “I’m sure my Mythos fixtures are going to be very, very busy this year!”


Christie Acquires coolux to Improve Multi-media and Live Event Experiences

Posted on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Award-winning Pandoras Box product suite to complement Christie’s Spyder in delivering advanced applications for multi-media experiences

Christie®, the global leader in visual displays and audio technologies, announced today that it has acquired Cologne-based coolux® GmbH (‘coolux’), a world-renowned developer and supplier of 3D compositing and rendering systems, best known for its Pandoras Box product family. coolux will be integrated into Christie’s Global Market Solutions team, maintaining its office in Cologne, Germany.

Jennifer Smith, executive vice president, Global Market Solutions, said “Christie is committed to deepen its marketplace lead in supplying a total solution for advanced applications such as projection mapping, broadcast delivery and all manner of large-scale digital canvas creation, so the fit between our products and services and those of coolux is a natural one.”

Continuing, Smith said “Pre-visualization capability when creating stunning, experiential events – including real-time rendering of same – is increasingly important in the creative plans of entertainment designer and creative visionaries. The acquisition is a boon to those who need multiple display technologies to come together to create both continuous and non-continuous digital canvases, but most importantly, to be able to create and manage the content that flows onto these canvases,” added Smith.

coolux CEO Jan Huewel, who will report to Jennifer Smith in his new position of senior director, Processing Solutions, commented that “In a world where visual and audio experiences are assuming new importance in inspiring and moving audiences, content orchestration and synchronized content delivery is paramount and with today’s news, Christie, with its already impressive presence in this arena, has gained another leading-edge product line and development team to ensure it keeps its lead.”

More detail on the announcement will be provided at the biennial coolux Connect Conference, to be held January 8-9, 2015 at Vulkanhalle, Building E, Lichtstr. 43, 50825 in Cologne, Germany.

Initial reactions to the news of the acquisition was positive among global leaders in augmented reality and experiential-marketing projects, exemplified by award-winning projection designer Bart Kresa of BARTKRESA design Inc. who said “I’ve used coolux and Christie products in a number of my productions and value both for their feature-rich gamut and reliability, so I’m excited about what Christie will come up with in future, leveraging its expertise and that of the coolux team.”


Drum Theatre chooses Martin M1

Posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Opened in February 2006, Drum Theatre is a 521 seat state-of-the-art, purpose built performing arts theatre within the heritage facade of the former Dandenong Town Hall, and situated in the heart of the Dandenong CBD.

When the time came to replace their Strand lighting consoles Stuart McKellar, Technical Operations Coordinator, had a thorough look at what was available on today’s market.

“We had a look at the ETC Gio and Ion consoles but we felt that the Martin M1 console was an easier console to transition to from the Strand consoles,” commented Stuart. “Also, the M1 offered us a few more features than some of the other consoles and was a lot simpler to program as well as create effects.

“I like the fact that we can stack multiple cue lists and the colour picker is great. The pan and tilt cross screen where you just drag it with your finger to where you want the lights to go is excellent. Patching is really easy.”

The only difficulty Stuart and his team have had is in writing their own fixtures but Stuart reports that Martin have been fabulous in their swift response.

“Back up is very important and the team from Show Technology have also been really helpful in getting us up and running,” added Stuart.


Lexair launch new website and competition

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Lexair have launched their new website at so pay them a visit online, and while you’re there start following them on LinkedIn and be in to win one of fifty Hog4 T-shirts!

Lexair are the exclusive Australian Distributor for High End Systems, Green Hippo and TMB.


ProShop Truss Mates discreet in Tamworth

Posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Tamworth Regional Council has invested in 30 x ProShop Truss Mates for use in their entertainment venues. The ProShop Truss Mate is a perfect fit for the extremely popular F33 Tri-Truss and all truss models upwards. The Truss Mate was designed to be inconspicuous but have a clean and powerful narrow output, using three 3w Tri-Colour LEDs.

“We bought the Truss Mates to replace our 20 LED Mini PARs we used for truss which were not the ideal choice, but all we had at the time,” explained Robert Elsworthy, Technical & Production Co-ordinator, Tamworth Regional Council. “The Truss Mate fit much better into the 300mm Global tri truss.”

The lights are secured in the truss with Global half coupler brackets and a 75mm hi tensile bolt straight into the unit.

“The colour is definitely stronger than the Mini PARs and reaches down the length of the truss better,” said Robert. “The Truss Mates were supplied by Colin Baldwin of Events Services who is the dealership company we go through.”

The Truss Mate has both M10 and M12 threads making it easy to rig to truss in three different positions. The ProShop Truss Mate also comes with an IR remote which makes it ideal for applications where DMX control is not desired.

The photo is of the Tamworth Business Chamber Awards night.


Changing of the guard at ALIA

Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

After 13 years under the stewardship of its founders Andy Ciddor and Cat Strom, ALIA (the Australasian Lighting Industry Association) has recently seen a change of leadership. Marcus Pugh (Resolution X) takes over the role of President from Andy, and Peter Darby (Victorian Opera) takes over the Vice Presidency from Cat.

The (almost) bloodless coup has resulted in Andy Ciddor and Cat Strom remaining on the committee and continuing to serve as executive officers running ALIA’s operations and online-activities. Joseph Mercurio continues in the position of Honorary Secretary and Lyndon Buckley stays on as Treasurer.

The outgoing founders have expressed their delight (and not a little relief) that a new leadership group has come forward to advance ALIA and inject new ideas and new energy into the Association.


New ResX Website

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014

The team at Resolution X is proud to announce the launch of their new website. This site has a whole new look, better interface with mobile devices, more news and product information.

Check it out at


Artistic Licence launches dedicated Art-Net website

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014

Artistic Licence is delighted to launch, a website dedicated to the Art-Net protocol. Offering a wealth of technical information, practical tips, downloads and registration portal, the website provides the definitive resource for anyone working with Art-Net.

Introduced by Artistic Licence into the public domain in 1998, Art-Net transformed the lighting control market by removing the channel restriction of DMX512. The protocol enabled multiple universes of data to be transported over a single ethernet cable, a necessary development as channel-hungry RGB LED fixtures became widely adopted.

Art-Net has always been non-proprietary and available free-of-charge. As a result, it is now supported by more than 150 manufacturers worldwide.

Offering over 16 million control channels with full support for remote device management (RDM), Art-Net is ready for an even bigger, brighter future.