Are Fully Automatic Weapons Legal in USA?

Do you know the difference between semi-automatic weapons and fully automatic weapons? If you go to the shooting range and shoot an AR 15, you are shooting a semi-automatic weapon. So what would be considered a fully automatic weapon? Are you even allowed to shoot those in this country? Are people allowed to own fully automatic weapons in the US? That’s a good question. So let’s take a look and see what the laws say.

As a matter of fact, fully automatic weapons are illegal. That’s why you see people mostly talking about AR 15s and semi-automatic weapons. That’s not to say that there aren’t automatic weapons in the United States. There are just two federal laws, License to Carry Ma, that prohibit people from buying them or using them. When looking at those laws, though, it’s important to note that there are grandfathered weapons. It would be interesting to see what those weapons are.

If you don’t know the differences when you look at the automatic and semi-automatic weapon, you really need to check it out. Remember that an automatic weapon is always going to fire if there is ammunition and you have your finger holding down the trigger. A semi-automatic weapon is, of course, going to do that, too, so what’s the difference? There really isn’t that much of a difference.

But a semi-automatic firearm is the best that you can buy legally in the United States. One of the things you might also notice or want to look at is the rate of fire for both semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons. Would the fire rate really be different for these types of weapons?

Did you know that some of these weapons can shoot up to 1200 rounds per minute? That is quite a few rounds per minute. While that would be considered a record, another stat is 800 rounds per minute. Can you imagine shooting a weapon that has that many rounds? That is something else and would be quite an experience.

If fully automatic weapons are illegal in the United States for citizens, are they still used in the military? If so, what kind of fully automatic weapons are they using these days? And what are those grandfathered weapons that actually would be considered legal? You would certainly think the grandfather weapons wouldn’t have a rate of fire like even the modern semi-automatic weapons do. It would be interesting to see the specs and stats for sure.

The other stats and specs for a grandfathered automatic weapon probably wouldn’t even compare to the modern day semi-automatic weapons. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to change the laws any time soon when it comes to fully automatic weapons. As a matter of fact, it appears the country is headed in the opposite direction. While we are more relaxed on gun laws and allow semi-automatic weapons, we are also looking at gun control laws more closely. The semi-automatic weapons might stay legal, but the fully automatic weapons will never become legal.