How To Ask Your Roommate To Leave

Do you have a roommate who is driving you nuts? Are you tired of him/her neglecting your needs or wants? Do you need to kick your roommate out but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips to help you kick your roommate out.

•    Start A Conversation
The best way to ask your roommate to leave is to have an honest and sober conversation with him or her. Don’t make the conversation too personal rather, just tell that you’re both not a good match for each other and he/she should find another place to live. Of course, you need to go over the conversation in your head before the sit down to make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re going to say to your roommate that you find from ROOMMATE FINDER NYC.

•    Find Out If Eviction Is Possible
If you have had a conversation with your roommate, but it’s not going anywhere, you need to figure out whether you can evict him/her. Check the terms of the lease to find out whether you have the right to evict your roommate. For instance, if he/she is on the lease and your name isn’t present, you’re the one going to be evicted. In some eviction cases, you might have to seek some legal action, especially if there are particular circumstances involved.

•    Financial Incentives
Elien Blue Becque of RoomZoom suggested, Since the sudden move might inconvenience the person, you need to offer a financial incentive that works for him/her. For instance, you can provide to finance their move or pay the first month’s rent in the new place. With such an incentive, your roommate would be willing to relocate effortlessly.

Anyone who has shared a living space with another one knows how tough it can be. However, if your name is on the lease, you have the right to ask the person to move. Use these tips to make sure the whole process doesn’t erupt in your face.